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Corporate Courses (available nationwide)

Since the causes of workplace stress vary greatly, so do the strategies to reduce or prevent it.

Dealing with occupational/work related stress is fundamental to the wellbeing of both employers and employees alike, and it is vitally important in ensuring the optimum performance of your business.

For business owners, stress can have a detrimental effect on the ability to cope and deal with executive decisions. For managers it can reduce productivity and for staff members it can affect their health and lead to sickness, poor health and subsequently a high staff turnover for the company.

Our ‘Stress Management for Companies’ course, allows you to identify and address the basic causes of stress in your business and covers everything from excessive workloads to conflict in the workplace.

Course modules include:

• Identifying occupational stress
• The effects of occupational stress on your business
• How to promote stress management throughout your business
• Creating a stress free work environment
• Increasing productivity through motivation
• Making negotiation stress free
• Time management

* Full and half day formats available (maximum of 15 participants per course)

To learn more about how to make your business “buzz with energy and innovation”

Individual Courses (at selected venues)

The Stress MasterClass 'Personal Development' courses are designed specifically for individuals suffering from stress or anxiety.

Our workshop structures give you a safe environment in which to address the challenges you struggle with on a day to day basis, whilst providing the tools to help you overcome your difficulties.

Learning is more group participation and working from handouts as the course aims to encourage participants to identify and remodel their unproductive habits, and concentrate on their strengths and qualities.

Modules of our NEW 'Self Improvement Workshop' include:

• Stress Fundamentals
• Assertiveness Skills
• Dealing with difficult situations
• Conflict Resolution
• Act now for a better tomorrow

As part of the course you will receive a free lunch & beverages. Overnight accomodation can be arranged at additional cost.

To learn more or book a course email

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